Touring Advice

If you’re an independent artist, there are important factors you need to consider before you plan a tour. There needs to be extensive time spent on preparation, so you can leave a stamp on the city you perform at

Advice for putting on a GREAT show includes:

  1. Have your engineer create a show mix for the song you want to perform, as you should NOT perform over your original tracks. Get creative with the show mix, which will depend on how you want to perform the song

  2. Build a relationship with the DJ so that you’re in sync. A great performance by the DJ will determine how well or bad the show turns out

  3. Consider adding a hype man, if you believe your song(s) will get the crowd turnt. The hype man will bring lots of energy to the performance

  4. Don’t try to be anyone other than yourself. When you’re on the stage, it is a representation of your brand. While you are up there, think about what you want people to take away from your performance

  5. If you want your performance to stand out even more, you should consider investing in creative production. Lighting or design elements could enhance your show and have its stand out among the other performances

  6. Interact with the audience. Audiences want to be entertained and have memorable experiences, so get them to participate

  7. HAVE A GOAL TO MAKE MONEY! Before you start to get paid to perform, you have to generate a fan base and pay your dues in the game

  8. TURN ATTENDEES INTO FANS! Take note that you are on a lineup that features other artists, as you should be focusing on stealing their fans away. More than likely, most of the people in the crowd do not know who you are, so you should try to gain some new fans by leaving an impression on and off the stage

  9. MAKE NEW CONNECTIONS! Meet new people and turn them into meaningful connections, as you will never know who’s in the room. Other artists, producers, promoters, A&R’s and managers will attend these events, therefore it is important that they know your name

  10. CREATE AND SHARE YOUR CONTENT! If you do not have the funds for a dope videographer and photographer, make sure a friend or someone you consider a valuable team member, capture great content for you to share with your fan base on social media

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