5 tips on how to sell merchandise

In today’s society, independent artists are such reliant on streaming numbers to gain income. For instance, for an artist to make $15 a CD, they would have to get approximately 3200 streams on Spotify or 2,000 on Apple Music, where new artists struggle just to get 1,000 streams. On top of artists doing shows, selling merchandise has become a necessity, and in this post will discuss how you determine how you can represent your brand in the form of merchandise and make fans want to buy them

Set up a table

People that support your music will most definitely consider purchasing things that you make available for sale. You can set up a table with someone there at all times to ensure they are interacting with the people there in hopes of someone asking what type of merchandise they have available. If you can, try to get fans to join your merchandise table post show. Simply ask them to come to the table to talk and hang out, where they don’t feel pressured into buying anything. If the fans are enjoying the vibe, they will purchase something on their own. Don’t just go straight backstage after the show, as you should take pictures and sign items for fans to increase their support for you

Set up the merchandise correctly

Make sure all of the clothing is set up professionally, where it looks like you’re running a store, implying to fans that this is a place they need to shop at. If possible, try to establish hooks in the background up higher, so people can see items hanging up where it gives them a better chance of viewing your items

Show up to the event early

Arrive an hour early to make new fans and move some products before the show starts, making sure everyone knows your name. Thank the people for coming out, even if they came to see other acts. Ask the people have they heard about you, which is a great convo starter, which should draw interest and ensure that they watch your set

Have high quality merchandise

Create items that people would want to wear! Invest some money into your craft and generate products that people want to take home with them

Cut people deals

Hook up the employees that work at the venue with your gear, as they will be promoting you all night! Also, fans love a deal, so if people paid to see you, give them some kind of discount package

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