How to become a successful artist

Find and develop your talent

In order to appeal to people, you first need to develop your skills talent. From there, it is up to you to see how seriously your willing to work on your craft

Promote your talent

OK, so now that you’ve discovered your talent, it is time for people to discover you. You must put yourself there, whether it is releasing visuals or singles. Don’t worry about trying to be perfect, because there will be mistakes in the beginning

Build an Audience

Besides your friends, you will need to build a fan-base to engage with, with whom will be interested in what you release. Starting off it will be difficult, where you might have to gain fans by 1 on 1 interaction, which is networking or by doing open mics and openers

Engage that Audience

Once you find and gain a fan-base, you need to engage with them. This may include how you all help and benefit each other, holding causal conversation and keeping them informed with your content. Respond any messages you receive from your audience to help expand your relationships

Release Content

BE CONSISTENT! Keep fans up to date on release dates, upcoming projects and drop unexpected content. Create visuals to keep fans in tune with your artist image.

Independent artists who have good music, without any fans, should look to start a website. The website should contain photos of the artist, along with links to stream their music. A blog should be included also, so the artist can promote their updates and recent activity. Include an email opt-in section, so that people can get in touch with you and subscribe, to make it easier for you to reach out directly. For best results, a shop area would be ideal, so fans can support you. Popular website starters include: Wix, etc

An email-list is the most important asset would need in order to build relationships. Starting off, creating an account on Mailchimp is perfect for beginners, which is an all-in-one marketing platform. If you do your email marketing the right way, you would likely see a great return in profit

Another point to be made here, is to have your music available. Most people get their music distributed by platforms such as Distro Kid, Tune Core and United Masters, which is inexpensive. This allows your audience and new listeners hear your music, which can drive them to support you

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