How to promote music on Instagram

There are multiple forms of posts you can you

The first form is an image post. This type of post allows you to post a photo with a caption underneath to put a message or quote. The second type is a video post. From here you can have a better impact of getting someone’s attention with a fast paced video. Submit your video before you post them so people can follow along even if they do not have sound enabled when they are scrolling

Use hashtags

For your post to get the maximum reach, you should be using at least 20 hashtags on each of your post, where maximum limit is 30. To find the most effective hashtags, use hashtag tools and look at other successful accounts and mimic theirs

Use ads and sponsored posts

Convert your instagram into a business account, which allows your posts to reach bigger audiences. The content that you’re promoting is more important than the people you are targeting. The post should grab people’s attention within the first three seconds, and you can do this by having something happen within the first frame or use text banners with a click bait title. Don’t just promote your music video, instead you should opt into making your content into a short clip, add logos to increase your creditability

Direct message people

Instagram allows you to DM anyone, so you need to take advantage of this feature. Your best outcome in this situation is for an account with a huge amount of followers use your music in the background of one of their posts or instagram stories. Direct message existing fans to update them on your latest releases or find people who have commented on posts from similar artist such as yourself and send them a polite direct message informing them about your new music. Also, you can use the Instagram discovery tool to comment on posts by similar artists. Add value to your conversation with them

Let people use your music for free

Look for content creators on Instagram. Offer your music to them to use royalty free, which can get you music heard by millions. To find these people you would search hashtags. An example message contacting the content creators would look like this: “Hello, I would love to collaborate and give you something in return, as I am an artist and have music that is really taking off, you’re welcome to use it in one of your videos!”

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