How to start a podcast

Believe you have interesting content that will attract fans? Look no other than using a podcast to give fans a visual platform for you to express your thoughts. In this blogpost, we will explain the steps you need to take to start your podcast. Podcasts give artists a chance to network with people in the industry, showcase your personality to show people you are more than just an artist, and build followers

Invest in equipment

Here you should look to get a computer or laptop that is great for media. It will be wise that you should expect to pay some money for the computer, as it should have features that allow to start-up such as: USB ports, 3.5mm audio jack and a microphone plug-in. There will be many options, but investing in a high-quality microphone is very important. To ensure the sound is recorded accurately, you will need to get an XLR connector. An audio interface is needed here too, as it allows you to convert the analogue audio into a digital sound without the loss of quality sound. Lastly, you will need to get an editing tool, such as Pro Tools or Logic Pro X

Developing your content

What is your podcast going to be about? The podcast needs to be about something exclusive, to avoid failing due to not having a definite fan base in the beginning. Then, you want to determine what’s a good name for the podcast, something that fits in with what your content will be about

How to distribute the podcast

Once you planned out and are ready to record your actual podcast, get prepared and ready to choose a platform to upload it. After finding a distributor, have links ready for people advertise them for you. You aren’t going to get a buzz overnight, so be authentic as it will help advertise your personality, which will lead to the show taking off.

The main question here is: why are artists starting their own podcasts? Well over the years, podcasting has pushed itself into the media food chain, where major music streaming services are among the sector’s most aggressive investors. Within the last three years, you see companies such as Tidal launching the “On Air” podcast, that have a focus on hip-hop. After Spotify launched exclusive podcast deals with personalities, they stated that the investment isn’t about the company, as the podcast business is “to benefit the artists”. To learn more about the podcasting business in terms for artists, CLICK HERE

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