Networking Advice

Ask Questions!

Connect in person or through email. Find out what the other person needs and build a relationship

What is your pitch?

Find a way to describe to the network what it is you do in a brief manner of time

Connect with the right people!

Instead of trying to talk to everyone about what you do, find the people who are important networks, so that you can be put in the right situations. It’s important that you research beforehand. Find out who the people who matter the most. So it is a must that you spend a while researching the people you want to connect with.

CLICK HERE for a link to a video which explains the TOP 3 THINGS NOT TO DO WHEN NETWORKING!

How can independent artists build their networks and be aggressive into taking their fate into their own hands?

  • Facebook and LinkedIn Groups

There are a lot of music business networking groups on Facebook, as well as on LinkedIn. Contacts and valuable strategic information are available for artists to pull from these groups. Some of the groups are invite only, while there are plenty groups that are open for anyone to join. As you join these groups, it will allow for you to potentially end up in the exclusive ones. Look up music industry meetup groups that are local in your community

  • Don’t be afraid to email

It is a great idea for you to email A&R’s with specific questions and advice instead of explaining to them that you are obsessed with speaking to them about your music. Ask them for the little things that doesn’t require much to commit to

  • Go to networking events

Starting out, it should be a goal for you to attend as many events as you can. At these events, you should try to meet any and everybody that is involved in the music industry

  • Use certain hashtags

You should monitor certain hashtags on social media, so that you can throw yourself into the conversation. Engage with others that have the same goal by figuring out what Is currently trending in your genre of music, so that you can start establishing yourself as someone the people should take seriously

  • Collaborate

When you collaborate with other artists on a local show or tour, create a record together or even just working together on something, both of your networks will increase

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