9 tips for shooting music videos

Have an amazing song!

People want music that’s going to get them excited when they listen to it. Therefore it is imperative that the song you’re planning to release music video for. It has to be your FINEST work, catchy and impressive so that people can bob their head to it

Make sure the song gives off an emotional response

When people are emotionally attached to something, they take action. Anything that can trigger responses with your music and video is a great trigger for it to spread

Make sure it’s relatable

If your video is something that people can relate too, then they are more likely to have an opinion, comment or share it

Make it more about the video than the actual song

If you can so something that stands out in your video in 1 take, it is more likely to get shared. A well-practiced one take live performance is an unique video idea to also consider

Relate current events into the video

Current events can have an impact on people’s emotions. These are the type of events that are on people’s mind the most, which gives the video a higher chance of viral. Your main focus should be seeing what is relevant right now. How can you get your music to resonate with people?

Keep releasing content and be consistent

Your first idea may not be the one that ends up working for you. Therefore, you have to keep releasing content. Every release that you do builds momentum. Keep videos coming for current and potential fans. This gives you a chance to have at least one video blow up

Learn about SEO to make your video go viral

YouTube has its own way of setting up algorithms. You would need to learn how to make sure your video will come up properly in the searches and potentially other searches of HOT KEYWORDS. Put in the work to understand how and what traffic your video should generate

Submit your video to other blogs and relevant sites

Your video gets heard the fastest by other sites with audiences posting it up for people. You can focus your marketing around whatever the video is about. Thinking outside the box will gain random fans that will add up. Email people numerous times until you get heard

Tell the people what you want them to do

This is giving a Call To Action, where you should tell your fans to “SHARE THIS” or “COMMENT BELOW”

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