Tips on live performances

How to perform successfully

  1. Try to maintain your sobriety and stay hydrated with water

  2. Hold the microphone properly

  3. Wear clothes that fit your artist persona

  4. Engage with the women and make them feel comfortable

  5. Hang out with the audience and fans while your performing and afterwards

  6. Get the crowd involved


Tips for your First Live Show

  1. Have A lot of Energy, as people love high energy shows

  2. Have Crowd control

Giving crowd commands will get the people more involved, so it won’t feel as if they are watching a live show. You need to make them feel as if they are a part of the show

  1. Do something memorable before you leave the stage, to help spread the word of mouth of your performance social media

Before you perform on stage, it is crucial you repeat your song over and over again. You can practice in front on family, friends or even yourself. Performing is all about entertaining your audience, while expressing yourself and the music.

Performing is about getting into character to deliver your music at the highest quality, so it’s very important that you find your own rap artist persona. Focus on your lyrics and not too much on what the crowd is thinking

VIDEO HELP? Click the link to get a more visual example of the tips we’ve discussed.

Once you master the steps on performing, the next step should be how to get booked for shows

As a headliner, you have to make a deal with the venue. Option A may be a scenario where you would rent out the venue for the night, where you would get a set rate for how much money it would cost. For example, if the venue costs $2000 to rent for the night, and you sell 8000 in tickets, you would make $6000. Whereas Option B, the venue might decide to do a split, which is a 50/50 split, or a 60/40, depending on who you are or what kind of show it is. The split can go in either direction for the venue and the artist.

Shows are usually planned out two months in advance with a set headliner, in which the promoter sets up. Upcoming artists usually get to open up for the headliner, where they can gain fans in hopes of doing another show or opener, because you are gaining fans from the headliner’s fans as well

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